Cell dynamics in action

Nuclear NF-kB translocation in response to tumor necrosis factor followed by smFISH-labeling of an NF-kB regulated gene. From Lee et al., Molecular Cell, 2014 “Fold Change of Nuclear NF-κB Determines TNF-Induced Transcription in Single Cells”

Demonstration of a gravity-controlled laminar flow device created from 3D-printed molds. Related to Mokashi et al., iScience, 2019 “A system for analog control of cell culture dynamics to reveal capabilities of signaling networks (copyright Robin Lee).

Erk waves induced by epithelial cell death in MDCK cells, visualized with EKAR-EV. (Movie provided by Paolo Gagliardi and Olivier Pertz. Copyright Paolo Gagliardi and Olivier Pertz)

NF-κB (RelA) signaling dynamics (EGFP) and its target gene induction (mCherry) in LPS-stimulated macrophage-like cells. Published in Sung et al., Sci Signal 2014 “Switching of the Relative Dominance Between Feedback Mechanisms in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced NF-κB Signaling” (see Movie 4) (Movie provided by Mia Sung).

First live cell imaging of endogenous NF-κB (RelA, a.k.a. p65) signaling dynamics in TNF-alpha stimulated fibroblasts. The nuclear intensity of EGFP-RelA in the cell on the left is quantified on the plot. Published in Sung et al, PLos ONE 2009 “Sustained Oscillations of NF-κB Produce Distinct Genome Scanning and Gene Expression Profiles” (see Video S2) (Movie provided by Mia Sung)

Distinct NFkB dynamics in bone-marrow derived macrophages response to TNF and LPS. Published in Adelaja et al, Immunity 2021 “Six distinct NFkB signaling codons convey discreet information to distinguish stimuli and enable appropriate macrophage responses” (See Video S1) (Movie provided by Brooks Taylor).

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