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All* seminars will begin 15:30 GMT (11:30am EDT/8:30am PDT)
For information on how to access the seminars, please check the Contacts page for how to get in touch


“Systems Biology of Insulin Action and Metabolism”

June 23
Speaker 1: Beverly Naigles (Graduate Student, Hao Lab, UC San Diego)
“Tracking the dynamics of immune responses at a single-cell level”

Speaker 2: Veronica Biga, PhD (Research Fellow, Papalopulu Lab, University of Manchester)
“Multiscale, dynamic and spatially-periodic coordination of gene expression in spinal cord progenitor cells”

June 30
Speaker 1: Marwa Afifi, PhD (Postdoc, Cappell Lab, NCI)
“MYC inactivation is necessary for the commitment to and maintenance of cellular senescence”

Speaker 2: Carla Mulas, PhD (King’s Prize Fellow, King’s College London)
“Signalling dynamics during cell state transitions”

July 7
Speaker 1: Timm Schroeder, PhD (Professor, ETH Zurich)
“Long-term single-cell dynamics quantification: New tools for old questions”

Speaker 2: Tobias Kull, PhD (Postdoc, Schroeder Lab, ETH Zurich)
“NF-κB signaling dynamics throughout the hematopoietic system”

July 14
Speaker 1: Devan Murphy (Graduate Student, Albeck Lab, UC Davis)
“Combinatorial signaling dynamics of NF-kB, ERK, and AMPK that regulate IL-8”

Speaker 2: Rachel Gottschalk, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh)
“Computational modeling of STAT activation features that predict gene expression profiles”

July 21
Speaker 1: Humza Ashraf (Graduate Student, Spencer Lab, UC Boulder)
“Beta-galactosidase marks long durations of cell cycle exit rather than exclusively cellular senescence”

Speaker 2: Josh Leonard, PhD (Associate Professor, Northwestern University)
“Probing and programming mammalian gene expression programs using synthetic biology”

July 28
Speaker 1: Shah Md Toufiqur Rahman, PhD (Postdoc, Sung Lab, NIA)
“NF-κB reporter mouse models: a new tool for monitoring endogenous NF-κB activity at single-cell resolution”

Speaker 2: Davide Mazza, PhD (Associate Professor, San Raffaele Scientific Institute)
“Single molecule tracking to probe the transcription factor search mechanism in eukaryotes”

August 4
Speaker 1: Stefan Lundgren (Graduate student, Collins lab, UC Davis)
“Signaling dynamics distinguish high and low priority neutrophil attractant receptors”

Speaker 2: Ran Kafri, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)
Title: TBD

August 11
Speaker 1: Michelle Frei, PhD (Postdoc, Zhang lab, UC San Diego)
“A new dimension: HaloTag variants for fluorescence lifetime multiplexing”

Speaker 2: David Suter, PhD (Associate Professor, EPFL)
“Dynamics of H2A.Z through the cell cycle”

August 18
Speaker 1: Nick DeCuzzi (Graduate student, Albeck lab, UC Davis)
“Lung Epithelial Micro-Environment Modulates Spatial ERK Signaling Dynamics” 

Speaker 2: Jen Oyler-Yaniv, Phd (Principal Investigator, Harvard Medical School)
“Plasticity in cell fate during infection shapes the inflammatory response”

August 25
Speaker 1: Debasish Paul, PhD (Postdoc, Cappell lab, NCI)
“An mTOR-APC/C-phosphatase loop mediates a metabolic switch during cell-cycle entry”

Speaker 2: Lucas Pelkmans, PhD (Professor, University of Zurich) 
“Multimodal perception links cellular state to decision making in single cells”

September 1
Speaker 1: Gregor Neuert, PhD (Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University)
“Determining mechanisms of regulation by antisense long noncoding RNAs”

Speaker 2: Matthias Heinemann, PhD (Professor, University of Groningen)
“Metabolic dynamics during the cell cycle”

September 8
Speaker 1: Hugh Ford, PhD (Postdoc, Chubb lab, UCL)
“The signal coding properties of rotating spiral waves”

Speaker 2: Tatiana Netterfield (Graduate Student, Yaffe Lab, MIT)
“Elucidating how MAPK pathways control the senescence/proliferation decision after DNA damage”


March 10, 2022
Optogenetics workshop: from the fundamentals to the cutting edge. 

Learn how to construct your own optogenetic tools for the modulation of intracellular signaling, how to use a simple LED-device for precise temporal activation, and how to set up a platform for single-cell feedback-control experiments.

Workshop leaders:
Lucien Hinderling, University of Bern
Thomas Hӧhener, University of Bern
Lorena Benedetti, Janelia Research Campus

16:30 GMT/11:30am EST/8:30am PST

April 21, 2022
Long-term imaging and quantification of mRNAs in live single cells using SunRISER and dNEMO

This workshop will provide an overview of how to implement the SunRISER approach for live-cell imaging of single mRNAs and a demonstration for rapid automated and semi-automated detection of fluorescent puncta from time-lapse images using the dNEMO interface.

Workshop leaders:
Gabriel Kowalczyk (Lee Lab, University of Pittsburgh)
Yue Guo (Lee Lab, University of Pittsburgh)
Zachary Hemminger (Wollman Lab, UCLA)

16:30 GMT/11:30am EDT/8:30am PDT

May 19, 2022
Analysis of single-cell time series data

Workshop leaders:
Mathias Heltberg (Niels Bohr Institute)
Michael Pargett (University of California, Davis)
Adrian Granada (Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center, Berlin)

15:30 GMT/11:30am EDT/8:30am PDT

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